Opening with Tiffany on Fifth Avenue

Opening with Tiffany on Fifth Avenue


In New York on Fifth Avenue flagship boutique is Tiffany, the entrance to the tower which watches, which have become well-known, sign of this place. Therefore, Tiffany decided to immortalize the character release versions of the same wrist watches.

Opening with Tiffany on Fifth Avenue

Tiffany wristwatch called the Atlas Dome and have a dial with applied Roman numerals, made of red gold, which is exactly the same dial located above the shop hours. Unless he has added so necessary in our days more complicated, as the date indication.

Watches were issued in several versions. First, housing can be filled with steel, red, or yellow gold. Second, the clock can be either “male” diameter 39mm, and “female” 31mm. 39 mm watch is equipped with an automatic mechanism that has a power reserve of 38 hours. But the women’s 31-millimeter watch has a quartz movement only.

Finally, the last variation, which is a little knock on the concept of a new watch match decorating flagship boutique. Dial watches may be not only a fashionable black and bright silver.

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