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The assortment Romanson make products for the beautiful half of humanity. Unlike men, for whom status is important, the uniqueness of the mechanism and of its technical tricks, women perceive hours primarily as a decoration. To Models Romanson should treat it as a decoration.

Romanson allows each woman to stand out, become attractive. It can buy a product of modern design, high quality, suitable to her style, even if its budget for the purchase of restricted hours hundreds of dollars. In this case, it will not have the feeling that in these hours of walking, many: Each model is available in several colors, inlaid with and without. At relatively low price Romanson pays great attention to detail. Dials, head, all the elements of the case and bracelet are made with a very high price for its quality. Image of an expensive product, decent gift supported the accompanying materials: boxes, passports, plastic warranty card.


With all that many models actually represent Romanson decoration, heart watch is all the same mechanism. To meet the stringent requirements of the modern clock, Romanson cooperating with renowned manufacturers. The vast majority of quartz models equipped with mechanisms for the Swiss firm Ronda, as evidenced by the inscription Swiss Quartz on the dial and back cover. Among the whole variety of different price and performance gauges Ronda hours Romanson used one of the most expensive series – 732, 762, 753, 705, 763. All of them are designed for durability and maintainability. Their durability is ensured virtually complete rejection of the use of plastic parts and a large (for quartz standards) amount of stones.

Mechanisms designed to operate from one battery in 2-3 years and provide an accuracy of about 15 seconds per month.

In the self-winding watch using well-established, in terms of accuracy and reliability mechanisms MIYOTA. A novelty in 2002 was the emergence of models Romanson labeled Autoquartz on the dial. They established mechanisms of the Kinetic production company TMI – a subsidiary of Seiko, the progenitor of this technology. These watches do not require battery replacement: fixed in them the battery is automatically recharged when the hand movement.



Last year was a year of image change for many watch brands. Appeared in the color models and advertising Longines and Alfex, changed the concept of filing Rado and Tissot. He was an exception and Romanson. Since spring has changed to use the press and outdoor advertising imagery, have developed new commercials for television. Romanson company has always paid serious attention to advertising and building its own image, but in the last year in Russia was held as a never a significant advertising program. 2002-nd, without exaggeration, be called the year of regional advertising: in addition to the publications in the national press and the placement of billboards in the capital, outdoor advertising has appeared in several Russian cities. In addition, actively used by advertising on regional radio and television, and advertising on the most popular Russian Internet sites aimed at a female audience. In the coming year promotional activity will again be switched to the capital.

Evidence of attention manufacturer in the Russian market has been the development of a new passport in Russian. These passports have appeared at Romanson distributors at the end of last year. To improve the placement hours in a store and reporting to the buyer company has developed a new stand. A “paired” models, of which there are a range of Romanson lot, received a special high quality wooden cases designed just for two hours.


In the most miniature models Romanson mechanism is used Ronda 732. This is a fairly reliable and durable mechanism, but it has a design feature. In order to reduce the size it lacks friction minute tribe, and when translating the shooter involved the entire wheel system, including the rotor. If you twist the crown too quickly overload the rotor stepper motor often fails. Be sure to warn customers of miniature clock Romanson that the adjustment time is necessary to produce very carefully and slowly.

Of the models belonging to the category of “thin” hours, there are indications of water-resistant to 50 meters. According to accepted standards, it allows for swimming in hours, but not diving. A high degree of water resistance in the thin hours very difficult. Warn customers about the rules of operation of such a clock, drawing attention to possible problems in case of violation.

Most often deal with customer complaints about the quality of coverage “pink gold”. Its application is very complex technological problem: it is applied electroplated surface sublayer of the usual yellow gold. According to the company, now they are making efforts to rectify the situation, but at such high volumes of production, like Romanson, to exclude a certain fraction of wedlock, to hold in the occupied price niche, it is impossible.

Sometimes the address Romanson hear criticism about the quality of hours in general. It is partly true. But critics should remember that no other brand has failed to achieve comparable sales. The actual number of marriages in Romanson fit in 1 -2%, simply by selling a huge number of hours, these percentages become apparent. The company works hard to eliminate deficiencies. But despite the inevitable losses associated with marriage, Romanson remains for most stores mark number 1, a commodity that provides the most revenue.

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