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Alfex company was founded in 1948 Techchino, a suburb of the famous Swiss resort of Lugano. High-tech by the standards of that time, production has allowed Alfex (at that time the company was called Ferex Sa) to the top of the 60’s to become a leader in the bulk of Swiss watches, celebrate the release of the 5 millionth copy. Broke out shortly quartz crisis also affected the fate of the company, however, soon Alfex easily find a new path to prosperity. Trump card brand has become the design that was largely due to the location of company headquarters. Lugano is located in the Italian part of Switzerland and has strong cultural ties to neighboring Italy, at the level of aesthetics, feelings, colors and shapes – everything that makes the Italian watch and jewelry world famous.

However Alfex never forget for the sake of the beauty of the needs of its core customer: not only have an original accessory, but also reliable and affordable watches.

Independence of the company allows it to easily maneuver in accordance with customer demand, changing and expanding product range. In the past year in an assortment Alfex appeared elegant mechanical chronographs Bernard Russi. created in collaboration with renowned Swiss athlete Bernard Russi, and it is one of them won the sixth grade for the design award Red Dot Award. And this year Alfex took another step forward, presenting a lineup of luxury models for men and women, in which the firm designed Alfex combined with true Swiss Duration of respectable.

GREAT LINE, huge selection

Alfex important difference from other brands that claim to the title of “designer”, that the company has never tried to hide author names for his model. Designers Alfex – the main advantage of the company, assured its director, Hans Sourer.

In addition to the chief designer Georg Plum, author of the majority of models Alfex, today the company is constantly working two more talented artist: Julia Howe from Taiwan and Marcus Aylinger from Switzerland. It is their latest collections of authorship owned by Alfex – Big Line, equipped with a quartz movement Ronda.

Both men and women who prefer the classic style with a modern twist, certainly will not leave indifferent Line Big Retro, created by Julia Howe. Traditional chronograph with three counters is presented in an elegant circular enclosure made of polished steel. Every detail, from fine Roman numerals marking on Guillot shirovannom dial-up circuit luminescent shooter, traced with great care. Big Retro is presented in three colors: a black and silver dial as well as actual chocolate dial and a gold-coated shell. Appropriate color straps are made of genuine leather, WR each model is 50 meters.

Big Retro – a balanced version of hours per day, and for ladies who prefer more elegant style and offer a line of Big – Big Candy Three models with pearl dials, presented in black, white and pastel-pink version. Originality inherent in all models Alfex, Big Candy makes the disc a calendar in the center of the dial, which will see not only today’s date, but also to assess the entire month in the future.


For lovers of casual style in the line of Big there are also three sports models with fashionable multicolored dials Big Adventure. Noble retrodizayn reminiscent of chronometers 60, connects with modern functionality: second counter at around “7:00”, an open disk calendar as a model of Candy, and the function of the programming signal the countdown to some important event. To do this you need to install on the desired risk bezel around an hour, using the crown at around 2 o’clock. Designed by Big Candy and Adventure created Markus Aylinger.

Emuzheprinadlezhitavtorstvo most original and luxurious line of Big news this year, which will certainly be also the owner of many awards – the model Happy Moments. At first glance, it’s the same model as the Adventure with an open calendar, quartz movement Ronda 1019, with the only difference being that the second counter is designed as a shining star. But the main highlight of Happy Moments – a real diamond, situated on the bezel. When rotating the crown at around 2 o’clock, diamond bezel rotates to an hour, you want to remember or somehow noted. Happy Moments function may play a role, and GMT, when using the diamond to note the difference between local time and in another city. Happy Moments in a streamlined package of bright steel with white, black or brown dial to choose from and a real diamond will welcome gift to any woman with good taste.

Taste and sense of style – is something that has never changed Alfex, who managed to maintain reasonable prices and rise above the faceless mass-market.

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