Clock handcuffs

Clock handcuffs


That just did not come up with the inventors. I recently talented developers were invented clock handcuffs, which are called Zero Point Zero. This device – a common clock, which, however, will not quite traditional – they have the shape of handcuffs.

The watch has two displays. On the first screen displays the clock and the second – a minute. It is possible that these hours there and would not have very much of a demand, however, in any case, the courage of developers can only envy. One of the main instigators and creators of these hours is a designer Luis Berumen.

Most likely, a rather well-known in narrow circles of personality that has developed a clock-handcuffs, wanted to tell the world that all people are held hostage to the time and reverse it too much for anyone. It is possible that the development of these designer watches and a different opinion, one way or another, but the comments about the gadget from the creator is not so much. Watches made of metal, like real handcuff; however, their weight is considerably less than the weight of these. At the moment it is not known how many will be like hours. There is also no information about when and where they can be purchased. Most people associate the handcuffs in the first place, with the conclusion, a prison, so the demand for this gadget is unlikely to be very high. Although, as mentioned above, the designer will likely not bet on higher sales, he wanted to tell the world your thoughts and chose this highly original and effective method.

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