Novelties Casio

Novelties Casio


Naturalist Seton Thompson once observed that in case of danger mouse ran down, the dog – go ahead, and the cat tries to climb as high as possible. In this case we can say that most people – the cat. They and without any danger from all possible directions of movement most often chosen vertical.

Whether it’s conquest of towering peaks, or simply walking with a backpack in the mountains, going down the turbulent river, soaring hang-glider or free-ride on mountain biking.

Novelties Casio

For these studies simply require special hours: powerful, but lightweight, resistant to moisture and temperature changes, equipped with lots of extra features like a compass or altimeter and is ideally combined with sportswear. In general, a watch that are no longer for accessories, but rather to a class outfit.
Line of Sports Gear from Casio includes three main areas – Pro Trek (hiking, mountaineering, skiing and fishing), Sea-Pathfinder for windsurfing and sailing, Phys running and aerobics, refers to “specialized” segment of the hour the company’s products and is one of the most stable in popularity.

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