Montblanc Watch

Montblanc WatchMontblanc, a legendary name in the history of writing, now writing time thanks to a superb collection of watches that each model reflects the indelible imprint Meisterstuck that characterizes his writing instruments.

After harvesting a remarkable success in its first year, Montblanc watches remain true to his unique style and classic voluptuous, and the gold of their boxes, Meinterstuck identity also are faithfully reflected in the colors black and white their fields, colors, now enriched with lapis lazuli and malachite. Arab figures of their own areas also reflect the style of the time they were born the famous Montblanc writing instruments.

If you already surprised us last year Montblanc at the SIHH Geneva to present its first watch collection, now returns to do the same to expand its model line, while maintaining the three sizes of box: Knight, cadet and women, in gold or plating, and in all cases with the crown surmounted by the famous white star of the German firm. This expansion model has materialized in a special way to create Dual Time Clock, the incorporation of areas of malachite and lapis lazuli and the introduction of metal bangles and bracelets in blue and green to match the new areas. These variants are enriched at the same time the models and landmarks such as the chronograph and power reserve, not forgetting the analog gentleman cadet, with a timetable, and the ladies, with the seconds at 6. Inside, the house watches Montblanc ETA mechanical movement or quartz, the highest level of quality to ensure long life and accurate at the heart of the watch.

Montblanc Watch

Mime Meisterstuck so that the pen has become a cult object, the clocks of the White Star achieved the greatest success to manifest in them values ​​as important today as tradition and craftsmanship, values ​​that make us able to appreciate the time to the essentials of the town: time for ideas, feelings for the beauty, culture and well done, as you know them Montblanc.

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