The name of Baume & Mercier is praised worldwide for their exceptional quality and because its timing is always chaired by the Greek letter “PHI”, symbolizing the “golden number” that the great Leonardo da Vinci renamed the “proportion divine. ”
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Tag Heuer 1000 Mikrotimer Flying Concept Chronograph, the watch of Records

Tag Heuer 1000 Mikrotimer Flying Concept Chronograph, the watch of Records Let’s go back to talking about Tag Heuer ‘s Baselworld that the latest edition of its world premiere the new Concept Watch, the first mechanical chronograph to measure and display 1 / 1000 second, 125 times more accurate than any existing mechanical chronograph.
With the model TAG Heuer Concept Chronograph Mikrotimer Flying 1000, the brand is proving once again the undisputed leader in measuring the 1 / 100, 1/1.000 and 1/10.000 of a second.

An example: 1 / 1000 of a second corresponds to a distance of 10 cm for a Formula 1 car traveling at more than 300 km / h. In a race of more than 305 km, 10 cm, the length of a finger, may seem irrelevant, but they can make the difference between a first and a second place for a world title.

TAG Heuer Concept Chronograph 1000 Mikrotimer Flying is the only mechanical timepiece capable of measuring and show this difference is infinitesimal.
The central sphere makes an outstanding set of 10 complete rotations of the main dial, indicating the 1 / 1000 second and 1 / 100 of a second ranking on a scale from 0 to 100 on the outside of the dial.

A second main ball, smaller, indicates the minutes (TAG Heuer patent pending approval) and 1 / 12 of the second minute on a scale to 150 seconds.
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Smarty the watches come Bunga

The brand Smarty, a young and trendy and well known for watches silicone young and light, and is now on the market watches Bunga Bunga & Moralism opportunism.

A new model, which already by the name leaves no room for misunderstanding, and that has been designed by designer Monica Candussio Friuli and also echoes a direct message, declared by the social content.
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Kienzle collection Poseidon, the oversized super diver

The brand presents its new collection Kienzle Poseidon.

A diver for up to 150 meters and the size extra large. Important from a clock design.
Kienzle Poseidon thus presents bold colors, large size of the case with a diameter of 52 mm and mix of materials including steel and silicone, which feature the sporty design of the clock.

Kienzle collection Poseidon

This is a Solotempo with center to 150 meters deep and with rotating bezel with tachometer, all details that confirm a strong connection to sport, not only in form.
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Urban Citizen Watches

Citizen Watches

With the 98/218 collection, which includes the Urban series, Citizen helps us to rediscover the taste of the city, to stay together and live their time, because this is the style Urban.

Citizen watches waterproof design offers seven simple, basic, sporty, subject only to limitations of time and date. The prices very much accessible and vary depending on the chosen band, including fabric and steel.
Urban Citizen, is the meeting point between quality and convenience without compromise.
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Available in Spain: Alfex


Available in Spain: Alfex

It was in 1974 when Mme. Alfa Grosa and M. Fernand Gindraux, both active in the world of watchmaking since 1950, the company created Alfex of Switzerland, four years before, society Ferex SA where he held the position of leadership. Desiring more freedom within their own company, then founded Alfex of Switzerland , a society that attaches a new partner in 1981, M. Hans Saurer.
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Wrist watches

wrist-watchThe watch is a clock that is worn around the wrist with a ribbon. It is usually left in right-and left-handers usually worn on the right. The reason for this is that the clocks could not be used to make it too easy and therefore the need for more power. This force had been in the right hand. # The builders of one of the first such watch was Peter Heinlein at about 1500. It is believed that before there were even portable clocks. The first digital Clock Peter Petroff developed in 1970. Today, there are already different watches with more functions than just the speaking clock as used by Tissot T-Touch, Touch, or Sea-Sailing-Touch.
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